Why does my dog lick me all the time

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Why does my dog lick me all the time

Why does my dog lick me all the time

Excitement may be ones of the reasons why your dog is always licking you. When your dog sees you after a while of you been away the excitement can cause the licking. Your dog may greet you with their saliva around you, even though this is not the only way, barking can also include the welcome excitement. Just by been happy, your dog may lick you or bark, also this is their own way of communicating, by licking. This is also known as their own body language of trying to communicate with you what the are feeling.

Reasons on why does my dog lick me all the time

1. Showing affection

Dogs can show you their affection by licking you, as the owner you represent a whole lot to them, as a trusted friend and their confidence.

When they are licking you, something is released and it is called pleasurable endorphins. When this is released in their body, it makes dogs comfortable and calm, and because licking is an inheritance from their mother when they are much little to show them much love, they continue with it by licking themselves and their owner.

2. Your taste

If your skin tastes nice to them, they will always lick you, they may not be affectionate to you or show you love, but the taste of your skin could be a trigger. When you give your puppy treats, the may resort in licking the treat, and also their meal bowel when the enjoy the food or hungry.

3. Tongue sensory cell

Just as humans use their hands to feel something, dogs have a sensory cell in their tongue which they use to feel something. They use their tongue to feel other people to show love, and they can also lick items just to feel what it is.

4. Seeking attention

When your dog is licking, they may be trying to get your attention to something, either they are hungry, wants to play or need a cuddle from you. This usually happens if the only time you give them attention is when they lick you, then you begin to give them attention to know why they are licking. This way they will develop the habit of licking you every time they want to communicate.

How to stop my dog from licking me

Too much of the licking may be upsetting especially when you are busy, you have to stop to wipe the saliva. When their licking is not a sign of love and affection, there are a few things that can repel the licking.

1. Change how your skin taste

You can change the salty taste of your skin either by changing your body wash, body cream, perfume or soap. This can cause your dog to stay away from you because the taste they are accustomed to is gone.

2. Engage them with activities

If your dog is constantly licking you, you may want to create extra activities for them, either by taking them out to play to draw their attention away from licking you, you can also get them some new play toys. Don't leave them with their old toy as they may have become bored of it.

You can trying using dog activity toys like the one below.

3. Avoid scolding

If you are constantly scolding them when they start to lick you, once they become used to shouting on them, they may pick it up as a sign of interaction. This will make them do it as often as possible just to hear you talk to them with the language they are used to.

4. Training

If the only time you pay attention to them is when they start to lick you, this becomes a method of communication for them. By so doing, anytime they want your full attention, licking becomes a habit and habits are not easy to go away, you may have to start training them on other means of communication.

5. Visit your vet

Constantly licking you and other things may be a sign of stress especially when they lick their wounds. You should speak to your vet to make sure nothing serious is causing that.

Dogs lick a lot, but when it becomes obsessive then there is something behind it, observing and identifying the cause will help solve it quickly. Hope your questions on why does my dog lick me all the time is answered? Also, if read if you have issues with your dog licking the floor, the article on why is a dog licking the floor can help you solve the problem.

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