Best 10 Indestructible Toys For Heavy Chewing Dogs

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From time to time, we take a look at the best toys your pet can use and in our recent attempts to finding the toughest dog toys for puppies and heavy dog chewers who are fully grown uncovered the less known facts for any pet owner looking for indestructible dog toys for a dog who is a heavy chewer.

Top 10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Overall rating Of Our List Of Tough Dog Toys :  4 / 5

Our list of the best indestructible dog toys covers not only our recommendations on the best tough dog toys for puppies, weโ€™ve also covered the most indestructible dog beds as part of the extension to make sure that if your heavy chewing pet has a tendency of chewing edges of her dog bed, you should be able to get one that is best for the money.

While money is a factor for many pet owners when they are considering pet toys for heavy chewers, it helps a great deal to understand the psychology behind puppy dogs who grow up to become heavy chewer pets who need monthly replacement of dog chews.

In an ideal world, it would make a huge difference for pet owners to find a reliable comprehensive list of best dog toys for heavy chewers that have been comparatively reviewed.

And that is why we looked at the best indestructible dog toys and recommend you that you take us not only for our word but also look at the real user reviews of pet mums and dads who bought and used these indestructible dog toys for themselves.

No doubt having a pet dog living with you at your home as part of your family is costly and if you have heavy dog chewers for a pet, it’s even more expensive to replenish the much-needed dog toys with tough dog toys that are ideal for heavy dog chewers. Indestructible dog chews for pets known to be heavy chewers can go through hundreds of dollars and pounds worth of toys within a short period.

Whether the real cause for your dog’s heavy chewing is boredom, anxiety, lack of activities during the day, or theyโ€™re from a known dog breed of aggressive heavy chewers, the reality is indestructible toys for heavy chewers can lead to a frustrating and expensive experience for both dog and owner.

Our dog Tess who is A beloved Staffordshire terrier is on the borderline of an aggressive type of dog breeds and that is evident in her tenacious chewing ability to go through many of the ordinary dog toys in a day’s sitting.

With indestructible dog toys, the story is completely different! So, if you have a dog who is in the habit of making a meal out of your most expensive shoe rack and sofa sets, believe it or not buying the toughest dog toys in place for the usual fluffy teddy like toys or toys that are not made with a solid construction is your best bet to put her heavy chewing behaviour to rest once and for all.

And if you are raising a chappy jolly puppy who loves nibbling furniture and shoe soles, now is not the time to wait and learn the hard way that if you do not invest in the best indestructible dog chew toys, you would be throwing your hard-earned money away.

And if you know anything about heavy dog chewers, they donโ€™t need to be big with powerful jaws packed with big teeth to destroy toys, in fact, the majority of heavy dog chewers are small dog breed.

At Glance, here are the 10 Indestructible toys believed to be the best thing for heavy chewing dog.

Indestructible toys may be the best thing your heavy chewing dog needs, however knowing what you should be looking for in the kind of dog chews that are strong and safe for your dog is crucial too.

What Types Of Indestructible Toys Are Available?

They come in many forms and shapes, some of the dog toys are vet recommended dog chews while others are the best dog chew toys for aggressive chewers.

On the same not it is also important to note that indestructible dog chew toys do not only have to be dog bones chews for the aggressive dog chewers, sometimes best long lasting dog chews can be a choice for pet owners whose dogs are on the heavy chewing side.

In many cases, safety for the dog comes first for pet owners, so while considering the best-recommended list of toys for your pup, safest dog chews will definitely score high points.

As an example, puppies are known for chewing anything they can find in their way. While some of this chewing behavior can be attributed to other factors outside of the norms, teething puppies, for example, would be an exception.

With that said, you can find just about any type of the best chew toys for teething puppies. You can find best chew bones for puppies, all the way to plush chewing toys as the best puppy toys to keep them busy.

  1. The Giraffe Chew Toy. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  2. Nylabone Dura Chew. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  3. Large Yellow Duck Toy. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  4. The Kong Extreme. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  5. The Zogoflex Hurley Toy Bone. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  6. The Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Toy. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  7. The Chompion Heavyweight Chew Toy. <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  8. Tug Toys for Labradors <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  9. The Mammoth Flossy Rope <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)
  10. The Invincible Chains <img class=” /> (Available here On Amazon)

When the commercial pet toy suppliers cannot meet your safety needs in the toy range available for heavy chewing dog breeds, homemade puppy teething toys is also your best option.

1. The Giraffe Chew Toy

This Giraffe dog rope toy is 16 1/2 inch tall, non-toxic, tasteless material, and washable. If you a teething puppy, you have to try this giraffe toy, it also helps cleans teeth and gums as your dog chews and plays.

The giraffe rope toy is made from food-grade dyes, safe and friendly for your pet and environ, safe to chew, toss, interactive and fetch play. Ideal for small and medium breed dogs.


  • Play time fun
  • For relieving separation anxiety in pets
  • Help strengthen bond between dog and owner
  • Help to promote chewing behavior

2. Nylabone Dura Chew

The Nylabone has many benefits for pets, the toy is fun, flavorful chewy. It helps pet get through boredom, anxiety, destructive chewing, snack time toy.

It has a delicious flavor and complete satisfaction and helps with dogโ€™s overall dental health. An ideal dog toy for teething, persistent chewing, destructive chewing, stress and anxiety, and bored dog.


  • Fun and flavourful
  • Helps improve health of dog
  • Strong

3. Large Yellow Duck Toy.

This duck dog squeaker filled toy has a loud clear duck voice. This wild duck design has its way of appealing to dogs, and it is really fun for dogs. It is made from very quality superfine polyester fiber, and dyed with wild duck color, and looks fluffy on the surface. It is ideal for medium to large dogs, good for teething, health, and total satisfaction for your pet.


  • It is light weight and can be thrown around

4. The Kong Extreme

The Kong extreme dog toy is durable, and tough for heavy chewers, it has an enrichment that helps to satisfy dogs’. Specifically made for dogs from a durable and natural rubber, which can bounce around for a complate playful time for pets.

The toy can be stuffed with delicious bits of kibble and treats, or use the Kong snacks or Kong easy treat. It can also be frozen up for more challenges for pets.


  • Can be stuffed with treats
  • Bouncy, for playful dog

5. The Zogoflex Hurley Toy Bone.

The Zogoflex is a floatable and bouncy dog bone toy, safe and gentle on dogs. It can be thrown in the air because its lite weight, on into the water and can be washed using the dishwasher. Most importantly, it helps to keep dog physically and mentally fit, and also to occupy them to avoid chewing on other materials.


  • Safe and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Recycleable

6. The Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Toy

The Goughnut is an ideal play toy for dogs that loves to chew, it is very tough and almost indestructible said the manufacturer. It has two layers, the outer layer is black, while the inner layer is red, and if your heavy chewing dog can chew through and reveal the inner layer, the manufacturer promise to replace it.

The toy floats, excellent for throwing. Ideal for teething puppies and heavy chewing dogs.


  • Replaceable if destroyed

7. The Chompion Heavyweight Chew Toy

The chompion dog chew toy is very durable, and it is made from natural rubber which allows your dog to chew heartily, healthly, while exercising and strengthening jaw muscles.

This ideal for large dogs of up to 60 pounds and up, expecially if your dog is an aggressive chewers. The bumps also help with cleaning off plaque on dog teeth, keeping it healthy and strong.


  • Build strong teeth
  • Remove plaque on teeth
  • Washable

8. Tug Toys for Labradors

If you are looking for what an indestructible toy is the best thing for heavy chewing dogs, then this Tug toy will be an ideal toy. It is made from quality Linen and Cotton and Nylon material which makes it hard to tear. For small and medium dogs.


  • Good for training and playing
  • Very durable and lasting

9. The Mammoth Flossy Rope

This flossy cotton-blend is really huge, strong and the best chewing toy for dogs. It’s really a playful toy for you and your pet. It is sturdy, long and tightly-knotted, good for dog teeth. Help clean dog teeth and remove plaques. Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth as they chew and play. Made from cottonblend color materials.


  • For heavy chewing dog
  • Strong
  • Washable

10. The Invincible Chains

This invincible chain is naturally solid and resilient, made from rubber and comes in three large rubber rings. You tug it, toss it, let your dog fetch it, and dogs can chew on it. It is durable and last for some time depend of your dog chewing power. Ideal for medium, large and giant breed dogs.

Why Choose A Homemade Puppy Teething Toys?

Kong puppy toys may not be the safe chew toys for all types of puppies, so the homemade puppy teething toys may appeal to those who are looking for stuffed dog toys for aggressive chewers.

If your puppy dog has the tendency of chewing their toys due to boredom or anxiety when they are left alone, you probably need to look into buying squeakless dog toys.

When our dog Tess celebrated her 6th birthday, we received a set of indestructible plush dog toys as a gift of goodwill from my mother in law. Tess, the dog loved this stuffed dog toy and was almost inseparable from when she opened it.

The downside of this new found love for our dog was that it was a squeaky type of good looking plush dog toy except we could not have a quiet time without hearing this ear piercing squeaking noise.

The point here is, if you are looking to avoid this dilemma, choosing squeakless toys would be ideal. Indestructible dog toys on Amazon have been improving over the years.

While there was an influx of Chinese made cheap knock-offs of trusted brands like Kong dog toys for heavy chewers, the brand monitoring technology on Amazon has completely removed or fake toy brands and that is good news to most pet owners who are looking for a good deal.

Here Are some of the best chew toys for teething puppies

  1. Kong Puppy Toy.
  2. N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Chicken Flavor.
  3. Nylabone Romp ‘N Chomp Bone Dog Treat and Chew Toy.
  4. Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone.
  5. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy.
  6. Tuffy’s Ultimate Gear Ring.

1. Kong Puppy Toy

  • Comes in 2s and different colors
  • Help teething dog
  • Help to soothe sore gums
  • Help dog with their chewing habits and training
  • Safe for dogs

2. N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Chicken Flavor

Nylabone Romp ‘N Chomp Bone Dog Treat and Chew Toy.
Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone.
Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy.
Tuffy’s Ultimate Gear Ring.

Dog Having fun and treats with Kong Extreme Dog Chewer 

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