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Dog pacifier would only come handy if you know how your pet copes with the anxiety of leaving him alone at home while you and your partner are at work.
We learned the hard way when we returned home to a pile of chewed £3000 designer sofa set when we adopted our Stafford terrier a few years ago.

Looking back to the day when Tess came home, I can see why many folks get it all wrong when welcoming a puppy or a full grown dog home. We made the same rookie mistake too.

Naturally, we tend to ignore the fact that dogs are emotional animals and can quickly get attached or detached at the same time. So when you are welcoming a new pet at home, it is vital that you make sure she is comfortable and feels at ease.
Because if you do not help your pet get settled, anxiety will creep in and take over her sooner than you realize, she will start barking or whining in the middle of the day while you are at work or night time when you settle her in her sleeping area.

How Do Your Pacify An Anxious Dog?

Dog pacifiers usually work magic when you train the dog to use it. However, most pet owners only use them when playing the throw and catch games.

Think of what you did when you went on your first ever date with your partner and you will know that if it weren't for the pain in your fingers, you would have almost pulled them off with fidgeting and nail-biting.

Dogs do suffer from anxiety bouts too! So help them by using a dog pacifier to overcome their shortcomings.

Teething Puppy 

Teething puppy will only settle down if you give them Pacifiers that can help them to calm down and get rid of the itching and pain associated with teething in puppies.

Teething puppy owners go-to gadget for soothing their pups is by getting the best dog pacifier money can buy. Many trained vets, agrees that "non-nutritive doggie pacifier helps alleviate teething puppy and dog pacifiers can calm or offer reassurance to a nervous dog, giving them time to adjust to their new home or surroundings.

Chew toy

Chew toy works pretty much like a dog pacifier, except that chew toys are ideal if you want to limit or minimize food intake for your pet dog. Pets who don't use a dog pacifier -- tend to be overfed, which may not be healthy for your dog at all. What a chew toy does is act as a dog pacifier or a pass time chewable toy on a non-nutritive perspective point of view. Allowing the pet dog to be satisfied without eating, and in some cases, Vets who specialize in dog nutrition might advise you to introduce a chew toy if your pet is gaining too much weight.





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Benefits of Using Dog Pacifier

Dog Pacifier For Calming Nerves

Vets say dogs can use pacifiers to reboot the nervous system.
If you are wondering What else can a dog pacifier do for your teething puppy, Veronika Chukuma, a Vet, and blogger, says that in some cases, teething puppies with a strong jaw reflex can benefit from getting suitable dog pacifiers as they teeth.

The Best Teething Puppy Dog Pacifier Rundown

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Most Dog pacifiers we found are affordable and durable..


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Easy to find and use as they come with user manual.


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Next day delivery service awesome!


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No need for customization.


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Tess didn't like the first. got in touch with vendor for replacement.


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