2 Simple Steps to Get Your Dog A Private Dog Walker Membership

Join us for this One on One Dog Walking Membership & discover how Amazing  We Turn Out to Be For You And Your Pet - No Matter What Day Of The Week!

Monday To Sunday  Pet Walking By The Hour.

The Dog Walkers Club Manchester

Manchester's Private Dog Walking Service.

Walking dogs on a private walk mean that your dog gets a one on one walking time allocated between your dog and our trusted walker. just your pup and the walker. Now If your household has more than one dog, then we will make that walk a family affair! No strangers just the walker and the dogs in your home it's that simple!

Sam Duncane


An avid pet lover and probably a true ambassador for the Northwest's Dog walking club.

Eddie McFarren

Co-Founder & Business Dev 

Passionate about his love for pets and well being he has worked tirelessly to provide a service to pet owners In Manchester who are short on time or just need the best for their pets

Have you Booked Your Dog's Private Walking Allotment?


Get Your Dog Into this exclusive Dog Walking Club

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Why your dog may just need a private Dog Walk

We believe having a dog walker just for your pups is an excellent service for animals that may not enjoy everything that goes with group dog walking

Manchester has the best places for dog walking services, all that means nothing if the pups are uncomfortable with other dogs. Younger dogs or puppies tend to be more interested in playing with other dogs than walking, on the other hand, the older dogs sometimes are slow burners who may need a slower pace.

Why then would we combine the pups walk that may need to reinforce walking routine training to be worked on? Dog Walking Manchester is a service that we regard to be a boutique, Ideally created for anyone seeking for dog walking near.. 

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