My Dog Has Crusty Scabs On His Back

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My Dog Has Crusty Scabs On His BacK

My dog has crusty scabs on his back

There is nothing that could have prepared me well enough from the sinking feeling I got from discovering that My dog has crusty scabs on his back. If you are planning of adopting a pet from a rescue centre, or simply are buying a puppy, take your time to learning how to give your dog a thorough home health check as it turns out that knowing a few tricks in the dog skin care, can help you detect any problems early on.

Early detection is crucial in successfully treating potential health problems in your pet. Dogs can’t
speak for their own healthy struggles, they rely on us to figure out what is going on in their life, and they also expect us to do something about it especially when they don’t feel well and it is ultimately your responsibility to
notice if something is off with your dog.

Soon after taking home Tess, my partner and I returned home from work to a pile of what used to be our £3000 designer sofa set which had been ripped and chewed by our pet dog Tess. Immediately, being an a***, I switched from OK to pets to I told you so….!

Turns out that Tess’s problem was nothing but her teeth which caused a great deal of pain. When she couldn’t find anything to pacify her aching teeth, her only option was to turn to the designer sofa. Had we detected the tooth problems, we would have not spent money to hire a pet training program for nervous dogs who do not cope well with anxiety when you leave them home alone.

I should have Known Better!

An animal in pain or feeling ill won’t be able to speak out and you should pay close attention to any changes in
y our dog’s appearance or behavior to detect any health issues he may silently
be suffering from.

If you suspect something is wrong with your dog you should
never delay to get the advice of your veterinarian as conditions can escalate
in a pet very quickly. Postponing treatment may result in more serious
consequences than if you had sought treatment earlier.

Giving your dog regular health checks can be synchronized
with your dog’s grooming schedule. You should already be grooming your dog
regularly as this help you detect any problems as well as establishing a strong
bond between you and your pet.

The majority of dogs shed, with only a few exceptions. If
your dog appears to be shedding hair, this is generally normal, but if he seems
to be experiencing excessive hair loss or fur coming out in clumps resulting in
bald patches, chances are there’s something wrong with your dog. Your dog’s
skin condition indicates the animal’s general health condition. Poor health
usually results in poor skin and hair condition and monitoring your pet’s skin
can tell you a lot about your dog’s general health.

Crusty scabs on the back of your dog are indications that
your dog has a health problem. This condition on your dog is cause by different
factors as presented bellow;


Parasites cause parasitic diseases on your pet just as the
name implies. They usually congregate in sandy and grassy areas and will hop on
to their host whenever given the opportunity. Lice, ticks and Ear mice latch on
to the dog and irritate the dog. He goes on to scratch relentlessly until his
skin opens, which then becomes a breeding ground for further infections.


Fungal skin infections can be determined through red
circular welts found on the dog’s skin. The ringworm is typically found in soil
so the canine is exposed to this particular infection often. The affected areas
are usually the head and legs and when it is not treated early enough, will
spread to the other parts of the body as well.

Humans can also contract ringworm so you must take care that
you have your pet regularly checked for this particular skin disorder.
Specially formulated shampoos and medications should be applied immediately.
The person who administers the medication should wash his hands thoroughly
afterwards to avoid the spreading ringworm infections.

Hormonal canine skin diseases

These diseases are caused by inherited abnormalities in the testicles,
ovaries adrenal glands, thyroid glands and pituitary glands. The dog with this
condition will manifest hair loss throughout his body. It is harder to diagnose
and blood tests must be undertaken.

Bacterial infections

They are another canine skin condition that looks like itchy
and yellow pus-similar to human acne. Usually, these bacteria are developed
because of the dogs relentless scratching and chewing on his own skin. There are
antibiotic shampoos that can help eradicate this problem.

Allergic infections

They are common disease our pets have to deal with. Dog skin
allergies can be contracted through unfavorable food substances, insect bites
or even inhaled substances. When allergic reactions set in, the dog will bite,
chew and scratch the area and further infect it. This type of condition can be
contracted by dogs of any age and breed, and will manifest in all areas of the
canine’s body.

Having that in mind, lets now look at the basic natural step
to care for your dog`s skin that is having Crusty scabs on its back


It is not just we humans who are what we eat – so are
our dogs. A good nutritious diet is the best way to ensure that your dog stays
strong and healthy. Select foods that mimic as closely as possible how a dog
would eat in the wild: protein, vegetable, carbs and some fat. Fat is essential
for a healthy skin and promotes a shiny coat.

It is also important to provide dogs with nutritional
supplements along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Keep in mind that
good skin care in dogs should be undertaken with a holistic approach.

Daily Brushing: Even five minutes of gentle brushing
stimulates the oil glands in the skin and nourishes the coat. A good brushing
also detangles long haired coats and loosens dead hair, it is also an effective
way to rid the coat of brambles, dirt and unwelcome insects and bugs that
doggie may have picked up on his romp in the woods.


Use a good quality shampoo with natural ingredients
such as oatmeal, papaya or aloe. If your dog has dry, itchy skin selects a
shampoo that has a moisturizing ingredient. Pet shampoos with a smidgen of tea
tree oil are also an effective way in keeping mites at bay.

Take action at first sign of a skin problem:

At certain times of the year our pets are more susceptible to picking up parasites such as
fleas, ticks and other nasty bugs. A dog that is flea ridden itches and
scratches a lot and can develop sores which worsen as the condition continues. Take
appropriate steps to rid your dog of these pests.

When you notice crusty scabs on back of your dog, given are
ways and means to make sure that he can be properly treated. It is important
that you correctly diagnose his condition to obtain the appropriate treatment.
Visit the vet regularly to hinder the progress of any canine sicknesses. Dogs
should be taken care with patience, utmost attention and periodical checkups.
Though it is not cheap to maintain a healthy dog, a periodical checkup is
essential. When it comes to dog skin care, is one of the best ways to keep fleas off your pet, anyone Schedule a visit to the vet and ensure your bet remains healthy.

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